You Are What You Eat! We embrace a healthy lifestyle supported by our healthy kitchen. Healthy eating starts with using the best fresh and natural ingredients. We source our food locally either from our garden or farmers in the region. We stay away from packaged food as much as possible.

Included with your accommodation, we serve 3 delicious hearty meals a day at our open buffet that also has vegan and vegetarian options. We eat our meals all together starting with the gong sound at long tables family style. Enjoying a meal together accompanied by inspiring conversations is a great way to connect with each other.

We also have an a la carte kitchen, where you can find quick bites all day long whenever you have the craving. Our bars serve alcoholic beverages, cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies, artesan coffee, tea, homemade drinks and soda. 

Here is our philosophy on the ingredients of our food: 

  • Our eggs are fresh from free-range chicken
  • Our milk comes from grass-fed cows in the nearby village
  • Our olives and olive oil is sourced from local producers in the Aegean coast of Turkey
  • Our fruits and vegetables are partially sourced from our garden and rest from local farmers
  • Our jams are home-made with organic fruits from our own garden and local produce.
  • Our honey is sourced from certified producers in one of the best regions in Turkey, Marmaris.  
  • Our orange juice is freshly squeezed from our garden and we make all other juices with cold press method to preserve its vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Our deserts are healthy, natural and without white sugar.