Bonjuk offers a stream of content and events, offering people a way to tap into the magic flow they seek. Most of our events include a balanced mixed of activities that engages the body, soul and mind by tapping into our main pillars such as music, arts, wellness and gastronomy. However, some events may be more focused on one interest area. 

In any case it’s not only about what you get from spending time in this community, it’s also about what you bring…An open heart and mind. Your laughter, courage and curiosity. Your evolutionary impulse seeking new perspectives, to create new realities and ignite new awareness.

Transformation begins with willingness to be open. Willingness to contribute and share the gifts you were born with. The change we need in our world begins with the change we can make inside ourselves. Participants are invited to celebrate, co-create and transform with us.

Current / Upcoming Events

  • 11-18 July - Amaya Society meets Bonjuk

    Amaya, derived from "Amor & Mayan," meaning "origin" in the ancient Indo-Mexican language, embodies a rich cultural fusion. Founded in 2017 by Jean-Baptiste Pain, originally as an intimate "Social Mezcal Club" in Manhattan's lower east side. Since then Amaya has grown into a larger community, Amaya Society, producing nomadic events not only in New York but also across the United States and globally. 

    Amaya’s exceptional events brings together a diverse community of travelers, leaders, and influential figures from arts, fashion, and culture from all around the world. 

    We are happy to co-create this week long experience with Amaya Society focused on music, wellness, nature and connection. 

    As Bonjukians let’s host Amaya Society in our home to make some new best friends and create magic together. This is also a great opportunity for introducing your first timer friends to Bonjuk and Amaya at the same time. 

  • 18-22 July - Cirque de Vortex
    Ready to have some fun? Last season being the first time, Cirque Vortex is on its way to become one of Bonjuk Bay’s signature events. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey between July 18-22. This extraordinary event blends music, workshops, and dazzling circus performances—all under the enchanting glow of the full moon. Join us as we dance to the rhythm of creativity, explore new skills in daytime workshops, and marvel at spectacular circus acts in the evening. As the night falls, immerse yourself in the uplifting beats of music and let the moonlight guide you through a night of surprises and celebrations. It's time to create more memories together!
  • 08-12 August - Dance Weekend
    Join us mid August in Bonjuk, Dance to release endorphins for mental clarity & emotional stability celebrating friendship, love, learning and life! 

Cirque Vortex Cirque Vortex Artists
Dance Weekend Info Dance Weekend Artists

Past Events (2024)

  • 06-14 April - Bayram Fest
    As the spring awakens nature, the flowers start blooming and the birds start singing in Bonjuk Bay. The sunshine washes away winter chill as we open our doors with Bayram Fest! For this holiday we curated a flow that engages your body, mind and while you reconnect with your chosen family.
  • 18-23 April - Bonjuk Unplugged
    This experience features captivating live performances stripped down to their acoustic essence. Its a detox from electronic music into the rhythms of instruments and analog live acts. We will still maintain our daily flow with wellness activities such as yoga, meditation and sound healing journeys.
  • 25-29 April - Opening Weekend
    Our traditional season opening gathering that brings together the souls that connect deeply to Bonjuk Bay and call themselves Bonjukians. This is the official kick off of the season, where we unite and set our intentions for the coming season. This year marks a special milestone: Bonjuk Bay's 10th anniversary! Join us for unforgettable moments, a sense of community spirit, and a chance to celebrate "A Decade of Magic" together.
  • 09-13 May - Does Your Mama Know?
    with Brigado Crew DJ Set
  • 16-20 May - Forever Young
    Forever Young: If you are a Bonjukian, regardless of what age you are at, you should be feeling young at heart. No matter what, we strive to stay 'Forever Young'.
    So let's celebrate our youth together. 
  • 23-26 May - Flower Moon Weekend
    Embrace the magic of the Flower Moon at Bonjuk Bay, May 23rd-26th! This weekend escape invites you to reconnect with your inner light under the glow of a full moon. Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of music, live concerts, yoga sessions, healing experiences, inspiring workshops, and playful games.
  • 30 May - 3 June - Circle of Life
    We are delighted to announce our upcoming event to the enchanting landscapes of Bonjuk Bay. We are collaborating with Circle of Life to bring their vibe and artists from around the world to our magical dreamland. This event is a perfect example music and activities will foster the connection between the communities. During this journey, we will fully embrace the present moment, reconnect with our roots and grant ourselves the freedom to smile, dance, radiate, heal, connect, and release. Get ready for an incredible journey that will lift your spirits, and create unforgetable memories with new best friends. To join us for this unforgettable experience, please fill out our reservation request form in the bio.
  • 03-09 June - The Samja Gardens of Bonjuk
    We have created a 7-Day Journey for you, following our 7 Chakras. While we recommend to join every class on the program, everything is optional so please feel free to follow the beat of your own drum! Bonjuk Bay offers us the most beautiful grounds for our Wellness program. Enjoy Sound Healing in the forest or join the yoga class on the grass field. Every day we will announce the program that you can enjoy the next day!
  • 14-19 June - Bayram Fest 2
    It is always a good idea to spend holidays in Bonjuk Bay as it is the place where you can get away from crowds and be with your chosen family. As always we prepared a programming for you to heal yourself, play with friends, move your body, eat healthy and have fun.
  • 27 June - 01 July - Suma meets Bonjuk
    This is your chance to relive the electrifying energy of Suma in Bonjuk's stunning setting. Dust off your dancing shoes and prepare to party under the stars!

    Soak up the sun, lounge by the crystal-clear waters, indulge in refreshing drinks, and get ready for a revival of iconic Suma Beach activities, including the legendary Dance Olympics while we are bringing back the "Magic Forest" to the magical land of Bonjuk Bay.

  • 01-08 July - Bonjuk Art Week
    Bonjuk Bay is excited to announce Bonjuk Art Week event from July 1st to 8th, 2024. We invite artists from all disciplines to join us in a celebration of creativity and collaboration in our beautiful, inspiring haven.
    Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, mingle with the creators of the arts, witness the rich mosaic of art coming to life, and engage in art therapies and workshops..

Bayram Fest Bayram Fest
Bonjuk Unplugged Bonjuk Unplugged
Opening Weekend Opening Weekend
Does Your Mama Know ? Does Your Mama Know ?
Forever Young Forever Young
Flower Moon Weekend Flower Moon Weekend
Circle of Life
The Samja Gardens of Bonjuk The Samja Gardens of Bonjuk
Bayram Fest 2 Bayram Fest 2
Suma meets Bonjuk Suma meets Bonjuk
Bonjuk Art Week Bonjuk Art Week

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