About Us


In our busy urban lives filled with stress of survival, consumerism, traffic, pollution, advertising and media bombardment, we live disconnected from nature, each other, and most likely our true authentic selves. The vision of Bonjuk is to foster a global community of seekers, artists and future makers. Our mission is to create experiences and places where this loving, creative and vibrant community can gather, grow, collaborate, learn, share and celebrate life together. Bonjuk community exists at the intersection of consciousness, creativity and transformation.

Bonjuk Bay project helped many people to connect with nature and their authentic selves, find love, best friends and partners, discover their full potential and transform into better versions of themselves. By sharing similar values and interests, we find a sense of belonging in this community and call ourselves “Bonjukians”. This bonding and belonging extends well beyond Bonjuk Bay and Bonjukians tend to stay connected by traveling, socializing, working, creating and enjoying life together. With the support of Bonjuk community, you are never alone.