Bonjuk Bay’s natural beauty is undisputable, but the real beauty comes from within, its community of beautiful souls. You may come to Bonjuk Bay once to experience it for yourself. But if you find yourself keep coming back because you feel a sense of belonging, then you are part of our community. In this community you get the courage to be yourself, to get in touch with your inner child, to connect with nature, to listen to yourself, to find your calling and to express yourself freely. And this is where the transformation starts. 

Bonjuk community believes sharing is caring, and the best way to receive is by giving. If you have a gift or talent you would like to share within this community please contact us. We will do our best to open space for you. To apply for our Residency Program please fill out one of the forms on our Residency page.

Who is a Bonjukian


  • Loves more, fears less
  • Open minded, open to change, transformation and self-development
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Enjoys sharing and giving
  • Values art, creativity, community, friendship
  • Dreamer, believer and doer
  • High self-esteem, low-ego and non-judgemental
  • Has sense of community and responsibility, supports social causes and helps others
  • Free spirited yet respectful to others’ freedom and privacy
  • Does not discriminate based on religion, race, nation and political views
  • Helps improve Bonjuk experience with his/her knowledge and skills
  • Overdoses on love, kisses and hugs