Bonjuk is a community of imaginative, conscious and like-minded people coming together to celebrate life and share transformational experiences. A loving environment for self-expression and co-creation, so that we can make a positive impact in our lives and the communities we live in through transformation.


  • Loves more, fears less
  • Open minded, open to change, transformation and self-development
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Enjoys sharing and giving
  • Values art, creativity, community, friendship
  • Dreamer, believer and doer
  • High self-esteem, low-ego and non-judgemental
  • Has sense of community and responsibility, supports social causes and helps others
  • Free spirited yet respectful to others’ freedom and privacy
  • Does not discriminate based on religion, race, nation and political views
  • Helps improve Bonjuk experience with his/her knowledge and skills
  • Overdoses on love, kisses and hugs, not drugs


To create places and experiences where a loving, creative and vibrant global community can gather, grow together, collaborate, share experiences and celebrate life


To keep expanding the depth and breadth of the Bonjuk experience, and spread the spirit this community.


  • Whatever we do, we do with LOVE.
  • We respect and protect nature to adopt ecological and sustainable living.
  • We connect with our true self, inner child, as well as each other and nature.
  • We believe that “you are what you eat” and consume fresh healthy food.
  • Love, respect, self-expression and creativity are the main pillars of the Bonjuk experience.
  • We welcome and are co-created by communal contribution and invite everyone to bring their own skills and knowledge to improve the Bonjuk experience.
  • We value Music, Arts, Fitness, Personal and Spiritual Growth.
  • We believe in transformation through learning, giving and sharing.