Bonjuk offers curated content and events, offering people a way to tap into the magic flow they seek. It’s not only about what you get from spending time in this community, it’s also about what you bring… An open heart and mind. Your laughter, courage and curiosity. Your evolutionary impulse seeking new perspectives, to create new realities and ignite new awareness.

Transformation begins with willingness to be open. Willingness to contribute and share the gifts you were born with. The change we need in our world begins with the change we can make inside ourselves. Participants are invited to celebrate, co-create and transform with us.


  • Bonjuk Bay Season Opening
  • Bonjuk Burn 2019
  • Good Vibes 2019
  • More being dreamed up..


  • Tulum 2019
  • Love Medicine 2018
  • Full Moon/New Moon Celebrations
  • Good Vibes 2018
  • Bonjuk Burn 2018