Art and music are one of the core elements of Bonjuk life. We are all creators in our own way, bringing the gifts we have been given to the world. We are a creative community inspired by sharing and collaboration. We make it a priority to include arts and music in all events and at all locations. We support artists in all their forms and encourage them to come and be part of the magic.

Artist Residency

We are designing a music studio on wheels, that can be taken to different locations throughout the year. With this practice, musicians can get adventurous and productive while they are vacationing with us in between their performances.

We also have an atelier space for handcrafts like carpentry, ceramics and sculpture to encourage art creation and installations.

Established and emerging creatives such as musicians, djs, painters, sculptors and performers, who want to be part of the Bonjuk community are welcome to book in for a residency. We are creating the future together.

Most people know only one currency, well…we are not most people. We do not use hard cash currency to pay our artist friends, however we close the loop of giving and receiving with them in other ways of offerings and opportunities.

Here is what we offer to all Bonjuk Artists:

  • Hosting including accommodation and food in Bonjuk Bay or Bonjuk House Bosphorus in exchange for a performance, or during completion of an art project for Bonjuk.
  • Introduction and collaboration opportunities with other local and international Bonjuk Artists.
  • Domestic transportation for international artists
  • 50% discount on extras such as drinks, workshops, therapies, etc.
  • Concierge services
  • New best friends, lots of LOVE
  • If the artist wants to come for vacation to Bonjuk Bay, 50% discount will be applied on accommodation and 20% on extras.

For DJs, Musicians and Performers:

  • Access to our music studio
  • Track/album release with Bonjuk Records
  • Paid booking opportunities for other venues and private events in Bonjuk locations
  • International booking assistance for local artists

For Painters, Sculptors and other Handcrafts:

  • Opportunity to display and sell their art in Bonjuk Bay and Bonjuk House Bosphorus, revenue split between Bonjuk and Artist.
  • Assistance to open an exhibition in Turkey.
  • Budget for materials upon approval.
  • Budgeted project referrals through our network outside of Bonjuk locations.
  • Organization of budgeted workshops in or out of Bonjuk locations.
  • Bookings for private events in Bonjuk

To maintain Bonjuk Artist status, we kindly ask our artist friends to perform at least once or create and leave at least one art piece per year in a Bonjuk location or event.

To become a “Bonjuk Artist” please fill out the form below to apply.