Bonjuk Bay

The Private Beach, The Farm, The Natural Reserve

Memo’s Story

Mehmet Mahruki (Memo), is forever the adventurer and explorer. Born with a free spirit and relentlessly inquisitive mind, Mehmet has spent the majority of his life in transit, traveling from one place to another. His curiosity has led him to various astounding parts of the world, yet of all the places he encountered, he was most taken by beautiful beach communities and dreamt of creating his own one day.

After buying a caravan he dreamt of for a long time, Mehmet embraced the motto “Home is where my Caravan is” and on his spare time, set out to discover the less explored parts of his home country. It was while he was looking for a new home for his caravan that he found Bonjuk Bay.

The story of Bonjuk and Mehmet is one of “love at first sight”. On a rainy October day, following his instincts, Mehmet fared along a curvy country road, not knowing where he was going. Leaving behind the busy roads, he ventured further out onto the unpaved road, feeling that he was on to something. As he took one final turn and saw Bonjuk Bay’s breathtaking view from the top, Mehmet knew in an instant that this magical land was what he was looking for. This was the place where he was going to bring his love of nature, passion for adventure and vision of community together.

Mehmet spent the next year passionately and relentlessly cleaning, healing and renovating this long neglected piece of nature.  Bonjuk is a labor of love. Bonjuk is an ever-evolving process. Taking care of a land is constant, demanding work. Mehmet’s vision is, with the support and contribution of Bonjuk Bay guests and community members, to keep expanding the depth and breadth of the Bonjuk Experience. Bonjuk is a playground for adults, a canvas to be creative on and a venue for celebrating life.

How To Get There

We are 1 hour drive from Dalaman International Airport. Also Bodrum International Airport is 2 hours away, however there is no public transport from the airport to Bonjuk Bay, so you would either have to rent a car or take a taxi.

From Dalaman Airport renting a car may be an option if you would like to explore the area but most probably you would not want to leave Bonjuk during your stay. A cab ride from Dalaman to Bonjuk Bay costs 190TL (approx. 55 Euros).

If you would like to take the bus from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris, you can get off at the entrance of Camli village (Across from ACARLAR), where we can arrange a taxi pick up.

If you are based in Turkey and would like to drive all the way, we are 9 hours from Istanbul, 3.5 hours from Izmir and 2 hours from Bodrum by car.

Limited parking for cars is available onsite, please let us know.

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Quick Facts

– Private bay/beach to rent in its entirety. 25,000 m2 property 200m beach
– Secluded full privacy: 10 minutes from closest village.
– Yet very accessible: only 25 min from Marmaris and Akyaka resort towns, and 1hr Dalaman International Airport
– Road access, electricity, internet
– Not only beach but also farm and forest
– Farm animals, wild animals, fresh eggs and milk
– Organic fresh produce vegtables fruits and herbs
– Sandbar sharks, only mating ground in Mediterranean and second in the world. Can be observed by snorkel during May and June
– Comfortable glamping accommodation with tents and rooms, can host up to 40 people.
– Full professional kitchen, gourmet chef. Dining and lounge areas.
– Professional sound system
– Many activities. Inside: SUP, windsurf, kayaking, kitesurf, snorkeling, swimming, outdoor gym, yoga, fishing, agrotourismo. Outside: Hiking, jogging, biking, horseback riding, paragliding, kitesurf.
– Daily boat trips and excursions can be arranged.

The Farm

Bonjuk is not just about the beach. Behind the turquoise waters, the pebbles and the palm trees, lies 10 acres of fertile land. Scattered across this land, we have a multitude of fruit tress ranging from orange, grapefruit and lemon to apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, fig, pomegranate and even avocado. In order to meet the demands of our kitchen, we have also planted many organic vegetables and natural herbs. What we do not grow in our own backyard, we source from local growers, making sure that we only use the freshest of local produce in our kitchen.

We have an abundance of fruit and vegetables but what would a farm be without animals?

We breed many animals in the farm such as dogs, donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, chicken, pigeons, goose and, in addition to natural inhabitants such as squirrels, turtles, porcupines, chameleons and all kinds of different animals.

For the health conscious city-dweller who is on a constant hunt for fresh and organic produce, how about the unbelievable deliciousness of picking up your fruit and vegetables daily from our backyard and have them be freshly prepared for you in our kitchen? How about knowing which chicken your eggs are coming from and which goat presented you with her milk? The joy of a Bonjuk meal, shared with loved ones, can only be experienced in person.



The Bonjuk Vision On Vacation

The Bonjuk Vacation is based on a genuine experience of nature. Bonjuk is not a hotel. Bonjuk is not a resort. Bonjuk is an unspoiled piece of nature whose bounty is being made available to ecologically conscious guests.

Developed around the concept of “glamping” or “glamorous camping”, Bonjuk offers its guests direct and deep contact with nature in a comfortable setting. We believe that privacy and seclusion in a magnificient piece of nature is the ultimate luxury. With this principle in mind, we aim to offer our guests charm, refinement and a discreet elegance in every detail.

Bonjuk has been designed to attract that very special traveler who is running away from the crowds in search of a pleasurable experience of nature. Seeking comfort but not over the top luxury, our guests are curiously alive individuals who can see and enjoy the bounties that nature offers so unassumingly.

Bonjuk is where the world of urgency ends and the return to nature, our true nature, begins. We promise you’ll go back home transformed and feeling that Bonjuk is the one home you’ll always miss being away from.

A Nature Reserve

When you look at Bonjuk Bay from afar, observing the long, palm tree lined beach and the vast fertile land behind, you may wonder how such a beautiful bay has managed to protect its virginity from aggressive human settlement. Well, it is because of an unexpected and unique gift that the Meditarranean has presented us with.

Bonjuk Bay is the one and only place in the Mediterranean where Sandbar sharks come to mate and reproduce. Here is an immediate and important note for the reluctant swimmer who has watched way too many Jaws movies: these skitish animals pose no threat to humans. On the contrary, humans, as their only predator, have overfished them for their valuable fins hard enough to cause an incremental decrease in their population. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List assessed them as a “vulnerable” species and the Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas has declared Bonjuk Bay a “protected site” in 1991 for being a mating ground for sandbar sharks.

As for the curious snorkeler who would treasure catching a glimpse of these shy animals, yours is no easy task; though not impossible. The sandbar sharks visit Bonjuk Bay between May and September to reproduce. To be able to observe these big fishes during these months, you would have to swim out to the far corners of the bay to hide behind a rock and wait patiently. Being nocturnally active, sandbar sharks tend to hide and snooze during the day and have a most welcome tendency to shy away from humans. Despite all these difficulties, if you do manage to see a non-threatening shark upclose, well, we believe it is an exciting experience to boast about.

On a final note, to reiterate, for the casual swimmer, catching a glimpse of these animals of the sea will most probably not be a part of your Bonjuk experience. For those keen visitors though, we will get you the guidance necessary to observe this phenomenon.