Bonjuk is a community of imaginative, conscious and like-minded people coming together to celebrate life and share transformational experiences. A loving environment for self-expression and co-creation, so that we can make a positive impact in our lives and the communities we live in through transformation.


  • Loves more, fears less
  • Open minded, open to change, transformation and self-development
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Enjoys sharing and giving
  • Values art, creativity, community, friendship
  • Dreamer, believer and doer
  • High self-esteem, low-ego and non-judgemental
  • Has sense of community and responsibility, supports social causes and helps others
  • Free spirited yet respectful to others’ freedom and privacy
  • Does not discriminate based on religion, race, nation and political views
  • Helps improve Bonjuk experience with his/her knowledge and skills
  • Overdoses on love, kisses and hugs, not drugs


Bonjuk was founded by Mehmet Mahruki (Memo), who spent the most of his life traveling and living around the world exploring different places, enjoying variety of cultures, and seeking new experiences while building his business career. Inspired by Burning Man, he started questioning if the open-hearted, non-judgmental and ego-free mindset in this temporary city in the middle of the desert can be extended and sustained in our daily lives.

On a rainy October day in 2014, while exploring an area where he goes kitesurfing in south of Turkey, Mehmet fared along a curvy dirt road that eventually led him to a beautiful secluded bay. Looking at the breathtaking view of the bay from the top, here is how he explains what he felt that moment in his own words:

“I felt in an instant that this was the place where I could plant the seeds of a utopian community I was dreaming of. After many years of input, collecting variety of experiences and beautiful souls in my life, I knew that the time has come to give my real output to this world. My intention was to live a more meaningful life with a purpose, as well as helping others to open their hearts and transform themselves.”

Boncuk, which means “bead” in Turkish, is the official name of this beautiful bay surrounded by lush green forest opening to turquoise waters of the Aegean sea in Gokova (southwest of Turkey). The bay gets its name from the colorful pebbles on its shores. By adding a little twist into this name, the name of our community “Bonjuk” was born.