• Bonjuk Bay

    A unique vacation experience

The Place

Bonjuk is a private bay offering a unique vacation.
We offer groups, individuals and events a contribute & play interactive experience, based on participation, self expression and creativity.

The Idea

Bonjuk Bay is an ambitious project to create a new habitat for like-minded people to celebrate life through learning, sharing, creativity, personal development and self-expression. Great music, creative arts, gastronomy and physical activities are part of daily life in Bonjuk Bay. We come to Bonjuk Bay to connect with our true self as well as the nature and each other. Eating meals together, engaging in daily activities and making new friends is part of the experience to promote a sense of community. Yet there are many hidden corners to escape when we feel the urge for privacy. Whatever your choice may be, the idea is to leave Bonjuk Bay inspired and transformed.